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Want to learn how to get this certification that enables you to be qualified to work anywhere in the hospitality industry in Canada ?

Are you a Nigerian aspiring to migrate to Canada soon or currently live in Canada, then join seminar to learn how you can take advantage of this certification. Canadians are also welcome to join. 

Date:-    June 23, 2021
Time:-   7pm-9pm
Venue:- Whatsapp/zoom

Registration is free.



Food Handler Certification Course


In Canada, Food Handler Certification is a legal requirement for many food workers. When you study online with CIFS, you can: 

  • control when and where you study

  • get certified on the same day or take your time

  • write the final exam as many times as needed

  • be confident your qualification is government-approved

  • stay up-to-date with a complimentary CIFS membership

The industry standard for Food Handler Certification in Canada. Enrol and get certified today.


La Plage Services brings this unique certification program to Nigerians and Africans. We have a specialized approach to ensuring our students pass the exams within the stipulated 30 days period. 

You can be sure of our robust customer service approach. We provide group booking and help ease the rigors associated with online payment and studying online. 

Our highly trained and experienced team are always on hand to support you in your quest for this certification. 

This program is also ideal for anyone with a long term plan to relocate to Canada. It is an excellent certification especially if you are a food handler, it comes with a superb advantage of giving you the choice of working anywhere in Canada.

Register with us today and enjoy our preparatory class which prepares you for the final exams, as soon as you pass your exams you immediately will be issued your certificate, this certification will last for 5 years before there will be need for renewal. 

We look forward to have you in the next class.  


Canada Institute of Food safety Certification exam is thorough, invigilators supervise exams, studies and exam will expire after 30 days, hence La Plage Services created a preparatory class to start 1st of every month before students will register for the main Certification Program with CIFS. The preparatory class will ensure participants pass the exam at first attempt and complete the program on or before the stipulated 30 days period. Cost of 2 weeks preparatory class is N10,000 you will get all the preparatory study material and mock exam that will prepare you for the actual exam. 


Registration for Canada Institute of Food Safety is handled on group by group basis. Registration starts second week of every month. However we advice you take a decision about Registering for the exam after going through the preparatory class. To register for the CIFS exams we shall give you a code after making payment. Cost of CIFS Certification exam is $99.95 Registration is open to Africans and Canadians.     

100% online

Access the course on any device with an internet connection and complete your final exam on a computer anywhere, anytime.

1-on-1 support

Get help when you need it. Our team is available by phone or email to help with technical support, enrolment, payment and learning challenges. 

Same day certification

Complete training and take your final exam on the same day (or take up to 30 days). Receive your certificate within minutes of passing the final exam.

Nationally recognized

CIFS Certification is approved across Canada, which means there’s no need to recertify to work in different provinces or territories.

Trusted by the Canadian food industry

12 months of free CIFS Membership

Get regular updates and access to our entire collection of resources, including guides, checklists and videos. 

Unlimited exam attempts

There's no need to worry about not passing the final exam on the first try. You can retake the exam as many times as needed for free.


Course outline

Everything you need to become a Certified Food Handler, all in one course.

The Food Handler Certification Course is divided into four easy to follow modules.

Each module has a series of lessons. Throughout the course, we keep you engaged and help you retain what you’ve learned with: 

  • useful study notes and fact sheets 

  • interactive learning activities 

  • interesting videos

Our software features user-friendly navigation, requiring minimal training and quick onboarding. 



More than just a course

CIFS Membership gives you the tools you need to implement food safety.


Implement food safety best practices with easy-to-understand guides, printable posters, fact sheets and videos.


Our members-only guides, posters and fact sheets help you to reinforce food safety knowledge and concepts, and maintain high standards of food safety at all times. 


Stay up-to-date on food recalls and changes to food safety laws with our food safety updates and newsletters. 


Get important updates on the latest food recalls to ensure unsafe food is removed from your inventory before it can cause a customer to fall ill. 


Feel confident that your Food Safety Plan is consistently applied with our checklists, sign-off sheets and more. 


Checklists, sign-off sheets, cleaning schedules and other forms are an integral part of any Food Safety Plan. We have done the work for you - all you have to do is print and fill them out !